Do you still write 'for loops' and 'if elses'?
Aug. 10, 2017

"Bibek, do you sometimes write for loops and if else conditions in your office?", asks my friend, who has been writing computer programs for a while now.

"Yes, that's all I do.. All the code consists of for loops, if-elses and variable assignments. Additions, subtractions, multiplications.."

With his eyes wide open, he questions me again, "The same for and if statements that I use?"

"And, just like a = 1 or a= b+5 that I wrote in my last program??", comes another query before I had even answered the previous one.

"OF COURSE!!" I say with a smile.

Then there was a strange look in his face, confused, eyebrows displaced downwards from their usual position. Perhaps he was thinking,

"I thought programmers did awesome things. I might be so wrong about them."

Or maybe, he still thinks programmers are awesome(good for me!!), but there really was a perplexed look in his face.

Programmers do not do extra ordinary things(at least I don't do). And you don't need any extra-terrestrial knowledge to be one. Just use your brain and logical powers that your brain gives you, and you are set to go.

But, I think programmers are God; in a sense that, with their fingers and a computer to bang on, they have their own universe to create, explore, modify and experiment on.

Of course, being a good programmer takes time and experience. But you'll eventually get there. Just keep amusing yourself and the world with your sweet little 'if's and 'for's.

And that's what I've been doing for last 5 years, amusing myself and never getting bored.. :D

Bottomline: Why be a human while you can be a GOD?? Cheers!!