Have you ever?
May 10, 2019

Ohh the love songs and the lyrics!! Hey, have you ever loved a song so much that you really wish you could write one for your love? And then you suddenly realize that you have no love, so there's no point in writing one. Then it strikes again that not today but some day you'll have your love by your side for whom you could sing that very song you will be writing now. You are again hit by a moment of realization that none of that is going to happen. With this ugly af face of yours, you are very unlikely to have any love and even if the God gets high and you have one, your voice is so very utterly bitterly awfully unpleasing that "love" won't be able to take any more of you singing anything, let alone the song that you've not yet written.

But then, despite all those true but bitter realizations, have you ever been bold enough to yell "No! I am going to do it. I am writing a masterpiece!!"? And then you take a deep breath, gather all the energy and zeal, almost ready to write a song. Now, you just need to gather a paper and a pen. You run your eyes around the room and see a notebook at a corner. And by the time you've looked for and found a pen to write your "masterpiece love song" your energy is fifty percent down already. With whatever left in you, you try to remember those fancy words from Hollywood and those romantic phrases from a "love quotes" page you follow in Instagram. But yes, your memory is as fucked up as your face, so nothing to shove into your creation. Grunting and panting, trying to express yourself, you finally scribble this for your love:

Hey Babe, I get very high  
when I see your beautiful eye  
Oh yas, I want to make lots of love to you  
on Sunday, Monday.. every day, not Friday  
because Friday is partaayyy!!!

You try to get through the "intro" of the love song and after reading the first two words, your brain aches. You try to forcefully go through all of it and almost throw up. Then you look up in the sky to check if God has been reading what you've just written. Thank God, the God is not reading this. Have you ever wanted to 'un-write' what you've written?

And my friend, have you ever badly failed in writing a song for your love and instead, written some bullshit which will probably be read by some person in the internet?

Well I have.

May 10 2019, Friday, Patan Dhoka