Feb. 8, 2017

This is a poem I wrote a couple of years ago.. The first poem I ever wrote. And I highly doubt that I'll write one again.


I'd never seen it so close before,
I've always wanted to see
And this winter was so beautiful,
so special, bright and white,
it was snowfall and I,
felt and touched every flakes
that fell upon me.
It was so special,
for it never snowed here
nor will it snow again
for THIS winter is never coming back.

But now,
the winter has gone,
gone far away towards South.
And the snow has melted.
But I lay here frozen,
Frozen than I was ever before,
unable to move, shivering with cold
the winter has left within me.
no more brightness,
no more whiteness, that I see now.
but dragging myself to north.
North, where there are mountains,
at the peak I will stand,
from where I will look at this land,
where it snowed once.

Yes, thats where i will be,
SNOW everywhere, bright and white,
I will feel every bit of them.
and it won't melt, never!!
neither will i freeze again,
as there will be warmth
for i will be standing,
closest to the sun...

[30th march 2014, Sunday, Pulchowk Campus Hostel]