Nov. 23, 2018

As usual, I am sitting by the window looking at the beautiful, white dove. It is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I like the bird. And that's why I love the window so much.

Not a day passes by without me looking through it. The first and the last thing I see and the only thing I care to see is the dove and it's nest. Blue sky, clouds, and any other thing existing and can be seen, are just irrelevant through that window.

I don't even notice the door, which is waiting since long to be opened by me. I could open the door, make it happy and go up to that tree. But what if the dove flies away? I would have nowhere to go because I wouldn't be seeing it again through the window.

But then, maybe the blue sky, clouds and every other things would seem beautiful once more.

Maybe I would be opening the door again.

[June 27 2018. Patan Dhoka]